SWDDL v Donegal League

SWDDL team

Donegal League 4 South West Donegal Darts League 8

The SWDDL retained the inter league challenge cup with t narrow 8-4 victory in the National, Donegal Town in May, thanks to John and the National for their hospitality and all who turned up n the night.

Frank Cassidy 2 Michael Naulty 0

Tommy 0 David Gallagher 2

Chris Cassidy 1 Raymond Hegarty 2 (180 Chris)

Charlie Kilpatrick 0 Mike Naulty 2

Stephen Pearson 2 Darren Rawdon 0

Jason Patterson 2 Adrian Byrne 1

Aidan Patterson 0 Patrick Sharkey 2

Greg McGroary 1 Rodney McBrearty 2

Stephen McGroary 2 Philip Gallagher 0

Ernest Cassidy 1 Irwin Muirhead 2

John Pringle 0 James Byrne 2

Stephen Pearson 0 Gerry McBrearty 2

The next meeting between the leagues will take place at a SWDDL venue in 2012

Donegal League

Donegal League side