2008 Con Sean

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John McGinley receiving the Con Sean Perpetual cup from Conor McShane and James Byrne Tournament organizer.



John Con McGinley appearing in his third Con Sean final defeated Declan Cunningham 5-4 in what was arguably the best final in the 10 years of the tournament credit goes to both players for a very entertaining match, Johns victory means nine different players have won this tournament.

68 players entered on the day with some excellent matches along the way, Declan Cunningham defeated defending champion John Flood in the board final while the highest checkout on the day was 160 by Francis McShane.


Many thanks to all who entered on the day, all who marked/checked matches etc, €400 was raised for the Killybegs Hospice in the raffle, thanks to the ticket sellers and those who donated prizes, Adrian McGuire (Carrick Meats), Raymond O’Donnell (Spar), Bridge Bar, Carmel and Mark McNern, Sean Byrne and anyone else who helped in any way without your support this tournament would not be possible.



John McGinley 5 Declan Cunningham 4


Semi Finals

John McGinley 4 Raymond Hegerty 2

Declan Cunningham 4 Andrew Gillespie 2


Quarter Finals

Andrew Gillespie 3 Liam McShane 2

John McGinley 3 Irwin Muirhead 2

Declan Cunningham 3 John Flood 2

Raymond Hegarty 3 Joe Gallagher 2



Runner up Declan Cunningham receiving his runner up prize from Conor McShane and James Byrne Tournament organizer.
Semi finalist Raymond Hererty receiving his prize cup from Conor McShane and James Byrne Tournament organizer.

Semi finalist Andrew Gillespie receiving his prize cup from Conor McShane and James Byrne Tournament organizer.

Board 1 Results


Andrew Gillespie 3 Liam McShane 2

Semi Finals

Andrew Gillespie bt Garry Gillespie

Liam McShane bt Seamus Curran

Quarter Finals

Andrew Gillespie bt Paul Gillespie

Garry Gillespie bt John O’Donnell

Seamus Curran bt James Byrne

Liam McShane bt Michael Byrne

First Round

Andrew Gillespie bt Francis McBrearty

Paul Gillespie bt Connie Doherty

Garry Gillespie bt Garry Kennedy

John O’Donnell bt Barry Doherty

Seamus Curran bt Niall Cunningham

James Byrne bt Seamus Heana

Liam McShane bt Hugh Doherty Jnr

Michael Byrne bt Michael McGuire

Preliminery Round

Francis McBrearty bt John Byrne

Board 2 Results


John McGinley 3 Irwin Muirhead 2

Semi Finals

Irwin Muirhead bt Philip Gallagher

John McGinley bt Kevin Cunningham

Quarter Finals

Irwin Muirhead bt Gabriel O’Neill

Philip Gallagher bt Conor McShane

Kevin Cunningham bt Derek Hay

John McGinley bt Gerard Gallagher

First Round

Gabriel O’Neill bt Johnny Byrne

Irwin Muirhead bt Cian McGinley

Conor McShane (Teelin) bt Gerard McGlynn

Philip Gallagher bt Martin Cunningham

Derek Hay bt Ronald Doherty

Kevin Cunningham bt Kieran Carr

Gerard Gallagher bt Pat Curran

John McGinley bt James Cunningham

Preliminery Round

James Cunningham bt William Fuller

Board 3 Results


Declan Cunningham 3 John Flood 2

Semi Finals

John Flood bt Shaun McGlynn

Declan Cunningham bt James Byrne

Quarter Finals

John Flood bt Gareth O’Donnell

Shaun McGlynn bt David Gillespie

Declan Cunningham bt Dermot McGuire

James Byrne bt Francis McShane

First Round

Gareth O’Donnell bt Kevin Squires

John Flood bt Scott McBrearty

David Gillespie bt John Gallagher

Shaun McGlynn bt Christy Gillespie

Dermot McGuire bt Stephen Muirhead

Declan Cunningham bt Margaret Byrne

Francis McShane bt David Kennedy

James Byrne bt Colm McNelis

Preliminery Round

James Byrne bt Oisin Clancy

Board 4 Results


Raymond Hegerty 3 Joe Gallagher 2

Semi Finals

Raymond Hegerty bt Hugh Doherty

Joe Gallagher bt Alan McBrearty

Quarter Finals

Raymond Hegerty bt Frank McBrearty

Hugh Doherty bt Conor McShane

Alan McBrearty bt Joseph Mockler

Joe Gallagher bt Gerry McBrearty

First Round

Raymond Hegerty bt Hugh McGuire

Frank McBrearty bt Anthony Byrne

Hugh Doherty bt Adian Gillespie

Conor McShane (Kilcar) bt Brian McNally

Alan McBrearty bt Gabriel Boyle

Joseph Mockler bt Rory Farrell

Joe Gallagher bt David Spot Gallagher

Gerry McBrearty bt Anthony Gallagher

Preliminery Round

Anthony Gallagher bt Conor Butler



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