2012 Pat Rawdon



Mike Naulty retains Pat Rawdon Cup

Mike Naulty retained the Pat Rawdon Cup in Killybegs on Saturday 10th March last his opponent in the final was John Gallagher who was appearing in his first local final the game itself was of a very high standard with five 180’s hit and very few missed doubles the final score was 7-4. In the semis last year’s runner up Antony Gallagher lost 6-3 to Mike and last year’s semi-finalist James Byrne lost 6-2 to John. One of the best games of the night was Mikes 5-4 win over Andrew Gillespie, highest checkout was by Irwin Muirhead with a 117.

2012 Pat Rawdon winner Mike Naulty with Darren Rawdon

2012 runner up John Gallagher with Darren Rawdon

Semi-finalist James Byrne with Darren Rawdon

Semi-finalist Anthony Gallagher with Darren Rawdon


Mike Naulty 7 John Gallagher 4


Semi Finals

Mike Naulty 6 Anthony Gallagher 3

John Gallagher 6 James Byrne 2

Quarter Finals

Mike Naulty 5 Michael Byrne 3

Anthony Gallagher 5 David Gallagher 1

John Gallagher 5 Wilfie Milsop 3

James Byrne 5 Mike Naulty Jnr 2

Second Round

Mike Naulty 5 Andrew Gillespie 4

Michael Byrne 5 Irwin Muirhead 3

Anthony Gallagher 5 Eamonn Bonner 0

David Gallagher 5 Rodger McShane 2

John Gallagher 5 Adrian Byrne 3

Wilfie Milsop 5 John Pringle 0

James Byrne 5 Marty Boyle 2

Mike Naulty Jnr 5 Philip Gallagher 3

First Round

Andrew Gillespie 4 Dermot McGuire 2

Michael Byrne 4 Declan Cunningham 2

Irwin Muirhead 4 Pauric Rawdon 0

David Gallagher 4 Rodney McBrearty 2

Rodger McShane 4 Donal Duddy 2

John Gallagher 4 JP Byrne 1

Adrian Byrne 4 John McHugh 1

John Pringle 4 Darren Rawdon 0

James Byrne 4 Stephen Muirhead 0

Mike Naulty Jnr 4 Kieran Carr 0

Philip Gallagher 4 Gerry McBrearty 0

Highest checkout Irwin Muirhead with Darren Rawdon




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