2011 Knockout Cup

Created: Wednesday, 17 August 2011 Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 August 2014 Written by James Byrne

Roartys 4 Sliabh Liag 1

Roartys made it a shield and cup double following their victory in the delayed Knockout cup final played in the Cope House, Killybegs.

Anthony Gallagher gave the Glen side the perfect start with a 5-2 win over Hugh Doherty. John McGinley beat Adrian Hamilton 5- in a very close game to make it 2-0 and Kieran Carr beat Adrian Byrne 5-1 to leave Roartys one game away from victory. Raymond Hegarty beat Michael Byrne 5-0 to give Sliabh Liag a glimmer of hop but it was Gerry McNern over an out of sorts James Byrne

Antony Gallagher 5-2 Hugh Doherty

John McGinley 5-3 Adrian Hamilton

Kieran Carr 5-1 Adrian Byrne

Michael Byrne 0-5 Raymond Hegarty

Gerry McNern 5-2 James Byrne

Joe Mockler – Hugh Doherty Jnr

Kevin Squires – Ronald Doherty

Knockout Cup Semi Finals

Cope House 2-4 Sliabh Liag

Irwin Muirhead 4 Hugh Doherty 1

Emmett Quigley 3 Adrian Byrne 4

Rodney McBrearty 2 Adrian Hamilton 4

Philip Gallagher 3 Raymond Hegarty 4

Stephen Muirhead 4 Hugh Doherty Jnr 1

Gerry McBrearty 1 James Byrne 4

John D Gallagher v Ronald Doherty

O’Donnell’s 1-4 Roartys

Andrew Gillespie 4 Antony Gallagher 3

Mark Boyle 1 Michael Byrne 4

John Gallagher 2 John McGinley 4

Roger McShane 3 Joe Mockler 4

James Boyle 1 Kieran Carr 4

Joseph Gillespie v Kevin Squires

Enda McGinley v James P Byrne



2011 Knockout Cup Preliminary round

The Rusty 1-4 Roartys

First round

Big Francies 2-4 Cope House

Sliabh Liag 4-1 Bridge Bar

John Joe’s 3-4 O’Donnell’s

Roartys 4-1 Glenhead

Semi finals

Cope Hoouse 2 Sliabh Liag 4

O'Donnells 1 Roartys 4


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