2011/12 Season Stats

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2011-12 Stats

League Champions: Roartys

Runners Up: Cope House

Shield Winners: Roartys

Runners Up: Big Francies

Semis: Cope House and O’Donnell’s

Cup Winners: Roartys

Runner Up: Cope House

B Cup Winners: Bridge Bar

Runners Up: Big Francies B

Player of the Year: Mike Naulty (Big Francies)

Highest Checkout: 161 John D Gallagher (Cope House)

Most 180's: 8 Andrew Gillespie (O’Donnell’s)

Least Darts: 14 Mike Naulty and James McGinley (Glenhead)

Bridge Bar Cup Winner: John McGinley (Roartys)

Runner Up: Adrian Byrne (Sliabh Liag)

Paddy Byrne Winner: Kieran Carr (Roartys)

Runner Up: Declan Cunningham (Cope House)

Con Sean Winner: John McGinley (Roartys)

Runner Up: Andrew Gillespie (O’Donnell’s)

Benny Gillespie Winner: John McGinley (Roartys)

Runner Up: Anthony Gallagher (Roartys)

Pat Rawdon Winner: Mike Naulty (Big Francies)

Runner Up: John Gallagher (O’Donnell’s)

Leo Molloy Winner: John Gallagher (O'Donnell's)

Runner Up: John McGinley (Roartys)

John Harkin Cup Winner: John McGinley (Roartys)

Runner Up: Michael Naulty (Big Francies)

John Harkin Shield Winner: Raymond Hegarty

Runner Up: Francis McShane

69 players threw in the league this is the players that got three points or more the rest of the table is available on request by email.

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