2015 Leo Molloy

Last Updated: Friday, 19 June 2015

Liam Gallagher wins Leo Molloy Darts Singles

 2015 Mens and Ladies Champions Liam Gallagher and Geraldine Harkin 

Some of the top players from the North West gathered in Kilcar for the fifteenth annual Leo Molloy Memorial Darts tournament held jointly in Kilcar House and John Joe’s we had over 70 players between the men’s and ladies tournaments with top class action from the off and in a change from other years we started all boards on time and everything ran smoothly as almost all players were at their designated boards when called, in the end it was young Liam Gallagher from Galway who added the Leo to the Pat Rawdon Cup he won in Killybegs in March he joins a list of well-known players like Brendan Dolan, Martin McCloskey and Sean McGowan who have won this event, while Geraldine Harkin won the Ladies Tournament that made it’s long awaited return beating Sharon Cunningham 4-1 in the final. In the men’s final Liam beat Sligo’s Antony Mularkey 6-1 while John Porter and Paddy Boyce from Donegal were beaten semi-finalists, Andrew Gillespie was the SWDDL player who did the best getting to the quarter finals while Declan Cunningham from the Donegal League also got to the quarters. Thanks to both venues for hosting the event and special mention to John Joe’s who had a lot of work to do to get the lounge ready following storm damage earlier in the year, thanks to all who sponsored prizes and who helped to mark and check matches and to all the players for making this a great success and a fitting tribute to Leo Molloy and we hope to build on this next year and so on.


Liam Gallagher 6 Anthony Mularkey 1

Semi Finals

Liam Gallagher 5 John Porter 1

Anthony Mularkey 5 Paddy Boyce 4

Quarter Finals

Liam Gallagher 4 Andrew Gillespie 2

John Porter 4 John Murray 2

Anthony Mularkey 4 Amir Quaimbao 1

Paddy Boyce 4 Declan Cunningham 3

Third Round

Liam Gallagher 4 Campbell Jackson 2

Andrew Gillespie 4 Gerry McBrearty 0

John Porter 4 Charlie Grant 2

John Murray 4 John McHugh 1

Anthony Mularkey 4 Clive Aitken 2

Amir Quaimbao 4 Joe Gallagher 2

Paddy Boyce 4 Andrew Barron 1

Declan Cunningham 4 Joe Shovlin 2

Second Round

Liam Gallagher 3 John Gallagher 1

Campbell Jackson 3 Stephen Harron 0

Andrew Gillespie 3 Ady Sommers 0

Gerry McBrearty 3 Ciaran Herrity 1

John Porter 3 Joe Flood 0

Charlie Grant 3 Gerry Lyons 0

John Murray 3 Kieran Gallagher 1

John McHugh 3 Liam McShane 0

Anthony Mularkey 3 Raymond Hegarty 0

Clive Aitken 3 Jordan Boyce 0

Amir Quaimbao 3 John Con McGinley 2

Joe Gallagher 3 Kevin Lyons 1

Paddy Boyce 3 Kenneth Kennedy 2

Andrew Barron 3 David Harron 0

Declan Cunningham 3 Roger McShane 0

Joe Shovlin 3 Derek Quinn 0

First Round

Liam Gallagher w/o JP Byrne

John Gallagher 3 Francie Begley 2

Campbell Jackson 3 Mark McNern 0

Stephen Harron 3 Colin Maxwell 1

Andrew Gillespie 3 Nathan Rafferty 2

Ady Sommers 3 Kieran Carr 2

Gerry McBrearty 3 Catherine Porter 1

Ciaran Herrity bye

John Porter 3 Tommy Reilly 2

Joe Flood 3 James Byrne 2

Charlie Grant 3 Kieran McShane 0

Gerry Lyons 3 Irwin Muirhead 2

John Murray 3 Martin Barr 0

Kieran Gallagher 3 Stephen Muirhead 2

John McHugh 3 Adrian Byrne 0

Liam McShane 3 Aaron Molloy 2

Anthony Mularkey 3 David Molloy 0

Raymond Hegarty 3 Alan Byrne 0

Clive Aitken 3 Adrian Byrne (Glen) 0

Jordan Boyce 3 Colm Carr 0

Amir Quaimbao 3 Kevin Tierney 0

John Con McGinley 3 John Con McGinley 0

Joe Gallagher 3 Cormac Cunningham 0

Kevin Lyons 3 Barri Duncan 1

Paddy Boyce 3 Colm Molloy 0

Kenneth Kennedy w/o Dermot McGuire

Andrew Barron w/o Garreth O’Donnell

David Harron w/o John Flood

Declan Cunningham 3 Darren Rawdon 0

Roger McShane 3 Geraldine Harkin 0

Joe Shovlin 3 Declan Quinn 2

Derek Quinn 3 Peter Savage 2


Ladies Runner up Sharon Cunningham


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