2022 Pat Rawdon Cup

Created: Wednesday, 04 May 2022 Written by James Byrne

Adrian Butch Devine with Ellie Rawdon

Adrian Butch Devine is the 2022 Pat Rawdon darts singles champion following a hard fought 6-5 win over Dermot McGuire in the final held in the Bayview Hotel on 23rd April, over 50 players entered and the standard was top class on this the first hosting of the event at the Killybegs venue the losing semi-finalists were Christopher McBrearty and Cartha Boyle. Defending champion from 2019 John Con McGinley was defeated 4-1 by Kenneth Kennedy in the preliminary round while John Porter hit 8 perfect darts and wired double 12 also in the preliminary round for what would have been a 9 dart leg which would have been a first for one of our local tournaments.  

In the shield final it was Ron Seddon from Belfast who overcame Stephen Harron in a great final, Eoghan McGill and Declan Cunningham were the defeated semi-finalists.

Thanks to the management and staff of the Bayview Hotel for their hospitality on the day for hosting the event and for the sponsorship of the shield. Thanks to the board sponsors: The Bayview Hotel, Murrin Fisheries, Reggie’s Sales and Service, SRM Car Sales, TrailerStuff.ie and GCM Painting. Thanks to all who entered and helped with marking the matches that helped the event run smoothly and we will be back bigger and better next year with a bigger prize fund and the event will be held in the main function room so everyone can get a better view of the boards.

Runner up Dermot McGuire with Ellie Rawdon

Semis Cartha Boyle and Christopher McBrearty with Reggie Rawdon

Quarters Christy Gallen, John Meencha, Declan Quinn with Leona, Reggie and Darren Rawdon

2022 Pat Rawdon Cup


Adrian Devine 6 Dermot McGuire 5

Semi Finals

Adrian Devine 5-1 Christopher McBrearty

Dermot McGuire 5-3 Cartha Boyle

Quarter Finals

Adrian Devine 4-0 Declan Quinn

Christopher McBrearty 4-2 Kenneth Kennedy

Dermot McGuire 4-2 Christy Gallen

Cartha Boyle 4-3 John Meencha

Second Round

Adrian Devine 4-1 John Holden

Declan Quinn 4-3 Michael Curran

Christopher McBrearty 4 -0 Amy Cunningham

Kenneth Kennedy 4-3 John Porter

Dermot McGuire 4-0 Stephen Muirhead

Christy Gallen 4-2 Damien Gamble

Cartha Boyle 4-0 Rodney McBrearty

John Meencha 4-0 James Byrne

First Round

John Holden 4-1 Darren Rawdon

Declan Quinn 4-1 Liam Melly

Christopher McBrearty 4 -0 Brendan Kennedy

John Porter 4-3 Sean McGowan

Dermot McGuire 4-3 Des McGettigan

Christy Gallen 4-0 Martin Barr

Cartha Boyle 4-2 Andrew Gillespie

John Meencha 4-1 Alex Hughes

John Porter 4-3 Sean McGowan* (extra match due to draw error)

Shield winner Rod Seddon with Ellie Rawdon

Shield runner up Stephen Harron with Ellie Rawdon

2022 Pat Rawdon Shield


Ron Seddon 4-3 Stephen Harron

Semi Finals

Ron Seddon 4-1 Eoghan McGill

Stephen Harron 4-0 Declan Cunningham

Quarter Finals

Ron Seddon 3-2 John Con McGinley

Eoghan McGill 3-2 Ronan Kennedy

Stephen Harron 3-0 Colm Brogan

Declan Cunningham 3-0 Sharon Cunningham

Second Round

Ron Seddon 3-0 John Burke

John Con McGinley 3-0 David Gallagher

Eoghan McGill 3-0 Mick Carr

Ronan Kennedy 3-0 Nathan Craig

Stephen Harron 3-0 Liam Donegan

Colm Brogan 3-2 Wilfey Milsop

Declan Cunningham 3-0 Michael Molloy

Sharon Cunningham 3-1 Rachel McGlinchey

First Round

Ron Seddon 3-0 George McGivern

John Burke 3-1 Ernan Cassidy

David Gallagher 3-1 Jack Boyd

Eoghan McGill 3-0 Miley McGinty

Ronan Kennedy 3-2 Irwin Muirhead

Stephen Harron 3-1 Alan Byrne

Colm Brogan 3-0 Terrance Byrne

Cup and Shield Preliminary Round

Adrian Devine 4-1 Rod Seedon

John Holden 4-1 John Burke

Darren Rawdon 4-1 Ernan Cassidy

Declan Quinn 4-1 Eoghan McGill

Liam Melly 4-1 Miley McGinty

Owen Carr 4-0 Jack Boyd

Christopher McBrearty 4 -0 Irwin Muirhead

Brendan Kennedy 4-3 Ronan Kennedy

John Porter 4-0 David Gallagher

Sean McGowan 4-1 George McGivern

Dermot McGuire 4-0 JP Byrne

Des McGettigan 4-0 Michael Molloy

Kenneth Kennedy 4-1 John Con McGinley

Michael Curran 4-0 Mick Carr

Martin Barr 4-0 Michael Furey

Damien Gamble 4-0 Rachel McGlinchey

Cartha Boyle 4-1 Alan Byrne

Stephen Muirhead 4-0 Declan Cunningham

Andrew Gillespie 4-3 Stephen Harron

John Meencha 4-0 Colm Brogan

Alex Hughes 4-3 Terence Byrne

Amy Cunningham 4-3 Nathan Craig

Christy Gallen 4-0 Sharon Cunningham

Rodney McBrearty 4-2 Liam Donegan

James Byrne 4-0 Wilfie Milsop

The Pat Rawdon darts singles tournament moves to a new venue The Bayview Hotel having been played in The Cope House and Harbour Bar previously, this will be the biggest prize fund to date with at least €1,000 to be won in the cup and shield tournaments.

The tournament takes place on Saturday 23rd April with the first matches to start at 4pm SHARP, contact Irwin at 087-2248250 or James at 086-9969256 for information or to enter and we will also take names via the South West Donegal Darts Facebook group HERE.

We will have 8 boards in play and the matches will be held in the upstairs bars.

If you plan to stay the night you can find a list of accommodation HERE

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