2016 John Harkin


2016 John Harkin Cup


Simon Collins 6 Gerard McGuire 1

Semi Finals

Simon Collins 6 Kieran Gallagher 1

Gerard McGuire 6 Alan Byrne 3

Quarter Finals

Simon Collins 5 Colin Maxwell 2

Kieran Gallagher 5 John Porter 2

Gerard McGuire 5 Daniel Meehan 1

Alan Byrne 5 James Byrne 1 (116 James)

First Round

Simon Collins 4 Liam Donegan 0

John Porter 4 Campbell Jackson 3

James Byrne 4 James Bracken Byrne 3 (124 Bracken)

Preliminary Round

Daniel Meehan 3 David Fuller 0

Liam Donegan 3 Aidan McGinley 1

Kieran Gallagher 3 Dylan Curran 0

John Porter 3 Kieran Gallagher 0

Gerard McGuire 3 Antony Breslin 0

Colin Maxwell 3 Michael Curran 1

Alan Byrne 3 Andrew Gillespie 2

Campbell Jackson 3 Ryan McBrearty 0

James Byrne 3 Alex Hughes 0

James Bracken Byrne 3 Owen Carr 1


2016 John Harkin Shield


Andrew Gillespie 6 Kieran Carr 4

Semi Finals

Andrew Gillespie 4 Michael Curran 2

Kieran Carr 4 Conor McNelis 1

Quarter Finals

Andrew Gillespie 3 Ryan McBrearty 0

Michael Curran 3 David Fuller 0

Kieran Carr 3 Owen Carr 1

Conor McNelis 3 Aidan McGinley 1

First Round

Andrew Gillespie 3 Alex Hughes 0

Michael Curran 3 Antony Breslin 0

Aidan McGinley 3 Dylan Curran 1

The John Harkin Memorial Cup and Shield are back after a year’s absence, this year’s tournament is going to be a different format that the previous three that were based on how players did in the local competitions.

We are limiting entry’s 32 players SWDDL and Donegal Town league area and players only and if we don’t get 32 it will be open. Entry fee is €15 for that you are entered into two tournaments as first round losers will play in the shield competition with €700 in prize money to be won overall and trophies for the winners!


To enter put your name on the event or contact me via Facebook or 086-9969256 in the event we go over 32 names there will be a standby list so if anyone can’t make it the next on the list will play so we hope to get a good response locally for this event in memory of the late John Harkin.

Preliminary round best of 5

Cup First Round best of 7

Shield First Round best of 5

Cup Second Round best of 9

Shield Second Round best of 5


Cup Semi Final best of 11

Shield Semi Final best of 7


Cup Final best of 15

Shield Final best of 11



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