Week Eleven

O’Donnell’s 4 John The Miners  3

O’Donnells moved back on top of the league following a hard fought win over John The Miners, 1-1 after the doubles John Menchia won the two pointer against James Braken Byrne, John had a 180 and Kieran Gallagher had a 180 as well.

Cope House 4 John The Miners B 3
The Cope House had their second win of the season following a 4-3 win on Thursday night, Katie Donegan won the two pointer for John The Miners


P             W            L              F              A             PTS

O’Donnell’s                     8              6             2              41           15            41

Kilcar House                    7              6             1              37           12            37

John The Miners             8              5             3             35           21            35

John Eoinins                    6             2               4              17           25           17

John The Miners B          7              1              6            13            35           13  

Cope House                     8              2              5             11            45           11

2016 Benny Gillespie Cup

John Menchia Gallagher won the 2016 Benny Gillespie full report to follow…


Friday 12th

Knockout Cup Semi Finals

John the Miners A v John the Miners B in John The Miners

Saturday 13th

O’Donnell’s v Cope House in John Eoinins

Friday 19th

John The Miners B v John The Miners

John Eoinins v Cope House

Saturday 20th

Kilcar House v O’Donnell’s

Thursday 25th

Cope House v O’Donnell’s

Friday 26th

John The Miners v John Eoinins

Saturday 27th

Kilcar House v John The Miners B

Saturday 5th March

2016 Knockout Cup final in O’Donnell’s

Saturday 12th

2016 Leo Molloy in Kilcar

Friday/Saturday 18th/19th

League Semi finals

1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd

April 2nd

League and B Cup Finals in Kilcar House

April 9th

2016 Pat Rawdon in Killybegs