2010 v Donegal League

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South West Darts League 16 Donegal Town League 4

The SWDDL hosted the Donegal League on Saturday 24th April in The Cope House, Killybegs in the first leg of this inaugural competition and it was the home side took the honours in a match which was a lot closer than the score line suggests it was the better finishing that counted in the end and the Donegal league were missing several players on the night.

The second leg takes place in The National, Donegal Town on Saturday 15th May at 8.30pm.


1. Stephen Muirhead 2 Eddie O’Connor 0

2. Anthony Gallagher 2 Joe Gallagher 0

3. Irwin Muirhead 2 Jimmy McInaw 0

4. Hugh Doherty 2 Stephen McGrory 0

5. Philip Gallagher 2 Mick Griffin 1

6. Declan Cunningham 2 Jason Pattrerson 1

7. Adrian Hamilton 1 Frank Cassidy 2

8. James Byrne 2 Damien Kelly 0 (180 Damien)

9. Emmett Quigley 2 John Pringle 0

10. John McGinley 2 Charlie Kilpatrick 0

11. Rodney McBrearty 2 Miley Power 1

12. Mike Naulty 2 Cathal McGroarty 0 (100 c/o and 16 darts Mike)

13. Joe McGowan 2 Martin McBrearty 0

14. James P Byrne 2 Charlie Kilpatrick 1

15. Gerry McBrearty 0 Jimmy McInaw 2

16. David Gallagher 2 Miley Power 1

17. Conor Cunningham 1 Mick Griffen 2

18. Irwin Muirhead 2 Stephen McGrory 1

19. Declan Cunningham 2 Frank Cassidy 0

20. Philip Gallagher 1 Damien Kelly 2

(The SWDDL players who played twice were picked out of a hat)


Second Leg

Donegal Town League 8 South West Donegal Darts League 12

Ten members of the SWDDL travelled to The National, Donegal Town on May 15th last for the second leg of the leagues challenge cup and with a big lead from the first leg they only needed 5 games to win the cup and after a great start they went 6-0 up before the Donegal league fought back to make it 6-6, the SWDDL then won 6 of the last eight games to leave a convincing wining margin.

During both games the two teams were under strength this is largely due to the time of year with both leagues finishing weeks before the two matches so it has been decided to play these matches during the league next season with the first leg in Donegal league area before the end of the year and the second in the SWDDL area before the end of the season this should make for a very competitive competition next season. The standard of play on the night was very good regardless with Mike Naulty Jnr being one of the stars of the night where he was unbeaten.

Finally the main thing is that this completion is now up and running and it is hoped it will go from strength to strength in the years to come, thanks to all at the National for their great hospitably on the night and to the Cope House for the hospitably during the first match.

1. Greg McGrory 0 James Byrne 2

2. John Pringle 0 Gerry McBrearty 2

3. Hugh O’Connor 1 Mike Naulty Jnr 2

4. Eddie O’Connor 0 Joe McGowan 2

5. Stephen McGrory 0 Mike Naulty 2

6. Robert Glen 1 Irwin Muirhead 2

7. Tutie 2 Darren Rawdon 0

8. Chris Cassidy 2 Philip Gallagher 0

9. Dave Walters 2 Rodney McBrearty 0

10. Frank Cassidy 2 T Doherty 0

11. Charlie Kilpatrick 2 Gerry McBrearty 0

12. Sean Coughlin 2 Philip Gallagher 1

13. Jason Patterson 1 Joe McGowan 2

14. Damien Kelly 2 Darren Rowdon 0

15. Miley Power 0 Mike Naulty Jnr 2

16. James Givens 0 Irwin Muirhead 2

17. Joe Fish 0 James Byrne 2

18. Mick Morgan 1 Mike Naulty 2

19. Declan Smith 2 T Doherty 0

20. Tommy Callion 1 Rodney McBrearty 2

Final Overall Score:

South West Donegal Darts League 28 Donegal Town League 12


South West Donegal Darts League Team

Donegal Town Team

Donegal Town League Team

John Pringle presenting the cup to Irwin Muirhead

John Pringle presenting the cup to Irwin Muirhead

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