2007 League Final

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Fawltys 5 Glenhead 3
Fawltys added the league title to the shield they won last month when they won the league cup in The Glenhead on the May Bank Holiday Saturday following a 5-3 win over Glenhead who have now finished runners up in the two cups and the league.
The Killybegs side were 2-1 up after the doubles; John Con McGinley/Kieran Carr beat Irwin Muirhead/Alan McBrearty to put the Cashel side one up, Fawltys took the next two matches with Gerry McBrearty/Stephen Muirhead beating Dermot Gillespie/Colm McNelis 2-0 and Philip Gallagher/Rodney McBrearty winning 2-1 versus Dermot McGuire/Kevin Squires.

In the singles John Con levelled the match following a hard fought 2-1 win over Irwin Muirhead the final leg was a 127 check out on the bull, Gerry McBrearty beat Dermot McGuire 2-0 to put Fawltys back in front before Kieran Carr, Glenheads best player on the night beat Alan McBrearty also 2-0 to make it 3-3. Fawltys took the next two matches 2-1 with Philip Gallagher beating Dermot Gillespie and Rodney McBrearty Fawltys best player on the night clinching the winning game by defeating Kevin Squires.
Irwin Muirhead/Alan McBrearty 0 John Con/Kieran Carr 2
Gerry McBrearty/Stephen Muirhead 2 Dermot Gillespie/C.McNelis 0
Philip Gallagher/Rodney McBrearty 2 Dermot McGuire/K.Squires 1
Irwin Muirhead 1 John Con McGinley 2
Gerry McBrearty 2 Dermot McGuire 0
Alan McBrearty 0 Kieran Carr 2
Philip Gallagher 2 Dermot Gillespie 1
Rodney McBrearty 2 Kevin Squires 1
David Spot Gallagher v Colm McNelis

2007 SWDDL runners up Glenhead Tavern
Thanks to Andrew Gillespie and John Kelly for marking and checking the games, Glenhead for the venue, James for the mike/speaker and to everyone involved in this season’s league too many to mention here but you all know who you are, we will be having the AGM at the end of August as to get the league started earlier next season so it will finish earlier.

Player of the Year: John Con McGinley (Glenhead)
Highest Checkout: Pat Curran (The Rusty) 170
Least no darts finish: Andrew Gillespie (O’Donnells)
Most 180’s: John Gallagher (O’Donnells)
Shield Winners: Fawltys


SW League Semi Finals
Glenhead 5 McIntires 2
Glenhead reached the league final for the first time following a 5-2 win over McIntires in Kilcar House last Friday night, 2-1 up after the doubles the Cashel side won the first two singles matches with John Con beating Brendan White and Kieran Car beating John Quigley both matches finished 2-0. Declan Cunningham pulled one back for the Dunkineely side with a 2-0 win against Dermot McGuire but in what turned out to be the deciding match Dermot Gillespie beat Richie Cunningham 2-1.
John Con McGinley/Kieran Carr 2 Brendan White/John Quigley 0
Dermot Gillespie/Colin McNelis 0 Declan Cunningham/Richie Cunningham 2
Dermot McGuire/Kevin Squires 2 Niall Cunningham/Emmett Cunningham 0
John Con McGinley 2 Brendan White
Kieran Carr 2 John Quigley 0
Dermot McGuire 0 Declan Cunningham 2
Dermot Gillespie 2 Richie Cunningham 1
Kevin Squires v Niall Cunningham
Colin McNelis v Emmett Quigley
Fawltys 5 Bridge Bar 4
Shield winners Fawltys reached the league final following a hard fought won over The Bridge Bar in Roartys on Saturday night in a very entertaining game Fawltys took the first doubles with Gerry and Stephen beating Hugh and Connie 2-1 the Carrick side won the next two matches with Ronald and James and Raymond and Adrian defeating David and Alan and Rodney and Philip, Raymond and James hit 180’s in the wins. Fawltys went 3-2 up by winning the first two singles Philip Gallagher beat Connie Doherty 2-1 and Alan McBrearty beat Adrian Hamilton 2-1. The next two matches went the way of the Bridge Bar, Hugh Doherty beat Gerry McBrearty 2-0 and Raymond Hegerty beat David Gallagher 2-1 with a 120 checkout the win the match. Rodney McBrearty tied the game at 4-4 with a 2-0 against James Byrne before Stephen Muirhead beat Ronald Doherty 2-1 in the deciding match to set up a repeat of last seasons cup final.
Gerry McBrearty/Stephen Muirhead 2 Hugh Doherty/Connie Doherty 1
David Gallagher/Alan McBrearty 1 Ronald Doherty/James Byrne 2
Rodney McBrearty/Philip Gallagher 1 Raymond Hegerty/Adrian Hamilton 2
Philip Gallagher 2 Connie Doherty 1,
Alan McBrearty 2 Adrian Hamilton 1,
Gerry McBrearty 0 Hugh Doherty 2,
David Gallagher 1 Raymond Hegarty 2,
Rodney McBrearty 2 James Byrne 0,
Stephen Muirhead 2 Ronald Doherty 1
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