2011 Paddy Byrne

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Kieran Carr is 2011 Paddy Byrne Champion

2011 Paddy Byrne winner Kieran Carr

Kieran Carr became the ninth different winner of the Paddy Byrne darts tournament which was held on Saturday 3rd December in Roartys and Glenhead, Cashel the 2006 runner up defeated 2003 champion Declan Cunningham 6-4 in an excellent final. Kieran beat defending champion Mike Naulty in the second round hitting a 170 checkout in the process, Kieran beat Hugh Doherty Jnr in the board final and came from 3-1 down to defeat Raymond Hegarty 5-3 in the semi final (Raymond beat five times champion John Con earlier in the day). Declan defeated 1996 winner JP Byrne in the semi final and had a 4-3 win over 2009 winner Dermot McGuire in the board final. In the other two board finals Raymond Hegarty beat John Gallagher 4-2 and JP Byrne beat Philip Gallagher 4-3. 57 players took part on the day with a lot of high checkouts and 180’s and excellent matches played!

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Kieran Carr 6-4 Declan Cunningham

Semi Finals

Kieran Carr 5-3 Raymond Hegarty

Declan Cunningham 5-1 James P Byrne

Board Finals

Kieran Carr 4-0 Hugh Doherty Jnr

Raymond Hegarty 4-2 John Gallagher

Declan Cunningham 4-2 Dermot McGuire

James P Byrne 4-3 Philip Gallagher

Third Round

Kieran Carr 3-0 William Fuller

Hugh Doherty Jnr 3-2 James McGinley

Raymond Hegarty 3-2 John McGinley

John Gallagher 3-0 Andrew Gillespie (100 checkout John)

Declan Cunningham 3-1 Donal Duddy

Dermot McGuire 3-2 Rodger McShane

James P Byrne 3-0 Michael Naulty

Philip Gallagher 3-0 John McHugh

Second Round

Kieran Carr 3-1 Mike Naulty (170 checkout Kieran)

William Fuller 3-2 Gabriel Boyle

Hugh Doherty Jnr 3-1 Rodney McBrearty

James McGinley 3-0 John Byrne (Teelin)

Raymond Hegarty 3-1 James Byrne

John McGinley 3-0 Jason Cunnea

John Gallagher 3-0 Adrian Byrne

Andrew Gillespie 3-0 Kevin Squires

Declan Cunningham 3-0 Conal O’Gara

Donal Duddy 3-1 Damien McBrearty

Dermot McGuire 3-1 David Gillespie

Rodger McShane 3-0 Norman Fuller

James P Byrne 3-1 Antony Gallagher

Michael Naulty 3-0 Connie O’Gara

Philip Gallagher 3-0 Ryan McNern

John McHugh 3-0 Bartley Callaghan

First Round

Mike Naulty 3-0 Barry Carr

William Fuller 3-2 Dessie McNern

Gabriel Boyle 3-1 Jamie McNern

Hugh Doherty Jnr 3-0 Gerry McBrearty

Rodney McBrearty 3-0 Patrick Byrne

James McGinley 3-0 Aidan Gillespie

Raymond Hegarty 3-0 Paul Boyle

John McGinley 3-0 Conor McNelis

Jason Cunnea 3-0 Noel McNelis

John Gallagher 3-0 John Byrne (Glen)

Adrian Byrne 3-0 Shane Gillespie

Kevin Squires 3-1 Paul McNern

Declan Cunningham 3-0 Martin Curran

Conal O’Gara 3-0 Francie Curran

Donal Duddy 3-1 Noel McDevitt

Damien McBrearty 3-0 Conor Fuller

Dermot McGuire 3-0 Michael Byrne

David Gillespie 3-2 Declan Towell

Rodger McShane 3-0 Patrick McNelis (Young)

James P Byrne 3-0 Kevin McNern

Antony Gallagher 3-0 Patrick McNelis

Michael Naulty 3-0 Dara O’Gara

Philip Gallagher 3-0 David Kennedy

John McHugh 3-1 Colm McNelis


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