Paul Boyle wins classic final to clinch Pat Rawdon Cup

Sligos Paul Boyle won the Pat Rawdon Cup following a 5-3 win over Irish international Shaun McGowan in the Cope House on Saturday 12th April, in what was a great turnout for the fifth year of this event this was the strongest field of players to date with many great games of darts during the event. Thanks to all who supported and all who donated prizes for the raffle and to the Cop House for hosting the event.


Paul Boyle 5 Shaun McGowan 3

Semi Final

Paul Boyle 4 Kieran Gallagher 0

Shaun McGowan 4 John McGinley 0

Quarter Finals

Paul Boyle 4 Antony Gallagher 2

Kieran Gallagher 4 Dermot McGuire 1

Shaun McGowan 4 Joe Shovlin 1

John McGinley 4 Kieran Carr 0

Second Round

Paul Boyle 4 David Gallagher 0

Antony Gallagher 4 James Byrne 0

Kieran Gallagher 4 Marty Boyle 2

Dermot McGuire 4 Declan Cunningham 1

Shaun McGowan 4 Paul McGeoghan 2

Joe Shovlin 4 Peter Shavage 2

John McGinley 4 Irwin Muirhead 1

Kieran Carr 4 Jamie McGroary 3

First Round

Paul Boyle 4 Chris Cassidy 3

David Gallagher 4 Gerry McBrearty 1

Antony Gallagher 4 Shaun Frame 0

James Byrne 4 Frank Gallagher 0

Kieran Gallagher 4 Wilfie Milsop 1

Marty Boyle 4 Joe Sharpe 0

Dermot McGuire 4 Rodney McBrearty 1

Declan Cunningham 4 JP Byrne 1

Shaun McGowan 4 Darren Rawdon 0

Paul McGeoghan 4 Donal Duddy 2

Joe Shovlin 4 Frank Cassidy 0

John McGinley 4 Edmund O’Reilly 2

Kieran Carr 4 Michelle McGeoghan 0

Jamie McGroary 4 Stephen Muirhead 3


Runner up Shaun McGowan with Darren Rawdon

Semi Finalist John McGinley with Darren Rawdon

Semi Finalist Kieran Gallagher with Darren Rawdon

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