2013 Con Sean Full List of Results and Photos

Created: Sunday, 13 January 2013 Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 August 2014 Written by James Byrne

McGuire claims Con Sean Dart Cup for Second Time

Dermot (left) reciving the cup from Francis McShane on behalf of the McShane family

Dermot McGuire won the Con Sean Cup for the second time in four years following his 6-1 win over John Gallagher but only for missed doubles by John the final outcome would have been a lot closer but in saying that Dermot was the outstanding player all evening only dropping two legs all competition and the deserving winner of this event.

Dermot defeated Adrian Byrne 5-0 in the semis and in what was one of the best matches in the 15 years of the tournament Menchia defeated defending champion John Con McGinley 5-4, John Con hit two 180’s in the first leg alone in a game that showed the quality that the South West Donegal Darts league has to offer!

Losing quarter finalists were Hugh Doherty Snr, Kieran Carr, Shaun Gallagher (Drimarone) and Johnny Clement (Ballintra) who had the highest checkout of the day of 157 other checkouts of note were 143, 113, 107 by Dermot, 115 by Francis McShane and 105 and 100 by Adrian Byrne also John Gallagher had a 13 dart leg in the first round.

A total of 51 players took part on the day many thanks to all of them and to all who helped out on the day and to the ticket sellers and the following who donated spot prizes: Adrian McGuire (Carrick Meats), Currans Shop, Quinns Shop, The Cottage Chipper, Quiggs Bar, Sliabh Liag Bar, Bridge Bar, Seamus Haughey (Rathlin Knitware) and Sean Byrne.


Dermot McGuire 6 John Gallagher 1

Semi Finals

Dermot McGuire 5 Adrian Byrne 0

John Gallagher 5 John Con McGinley 4

Quarter Finals

Dermot McGuire 4 Hugh Doherty 0

Adrian Byrne 4 Johnny Clement 0

John Gallagher 4 Shaun Gallagher 1

John Con McGinley 4 Kieran Carr 2

Third Round

Dermot McGuire 3 Andrew Gillespie 1

Hugh Doherty w/o Ryan McNern

Adrian Byrne 3 Hugh Doherty Jnr 1

Johnny Clement 3 Stephen Muirhead 1

John Gallagher 3 Paul Gillespie 0

Shaun Gallagher 3 Irwin Muirhead 2

John Con McGinley 3 JP Byrne 1

Kieran Carr 3 Rodney McBrearty 1

Second Round

Dermot McGuire 3 Martin Barr 0

Andrew Gillespie 3 David Gallagher 0

Hugh Doherty 3 Gerry McBrearty 0

Ryan McNern 3 Shane Gillespie 0

Adrian Byrne 3 James Byrne 0

Hugh Doherty Jnr 3 Michael Byrne 1

Johnny Clement 3 Stephen Harron 1

Stephen Muirhead 3 Jamie McNern 0

John Gallagher 3 Frank McBrearty 0

Paul Gillespie 3 Kevin McNern 0

Shaun Gallagher 3 Colin McNelis 1

Irwin Muirhead 3 Raymond Hegarty 1

John Con McGinley 3 Francis Curran 0

James P Byrne 3 John Kelly 1

Kieran Carr 3 Darren Rawdon 0

Rodney McBrearty 3 Damien McBrearty 0

First Round

Martin Barr 3 John McHugh 0

Andrew Gillespie 3 Paul Kenny 1

Hugh Doherty 3 Declan Towell 0

Adrian Byrne 3 Josie Gillespie 1

Hugh Doherty Jnr 3 Martin Curran 0

Michael Byrne 3 Francis McShane 2

Johnny Clement 3 James Byrne (Bracken) 0

Stephen Muirhead 3 Jamie McNern 0

Frank McBrearty 3 David Kennedy 1

Irwin Muirhead 3 Johnny Byrne 1

Raymond Hegarty 3 Gerry McNern 1

Kieran Carr 3 Paul McNern 0

Rodney McBrearty 3 Antony Gallagher 2

Damien McBrearty 3 Scott McBrearty 1

Runner up John Gallagher

Runner-up John Gallagher with Francis McShane

Semi finals John Con and Adrian Byrne

Semi losers John McGinley and Adrian Byrne

Highest checkout winner Johnny Clement

Highest checkout winner (157) Johnny Clement

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