Dermot McGuire wins Paddy Byrne for Second Time

2013 Paddy Byrne Champion Dermot McGuire with Michael Byrne

Dermot McGuire won the 2013 Paddy Byrne Cup for the second time following a 5-1 victory over five times champion John Con McGinley. Dermot won the first leg with a tops finish while in the second both players had 180’s and Dermot took advantage of missed doubles by John by finishing double one, he made it 3-0 with a double ten finish. John got his first and only leg on the board with a 58 checkout; another double tops finish in the fifth leg followed by a 58 checkout in the next leg secured Dermot the title first won in 2009. Jason Cunnea and John Menchia Gallagher were the defeated semi-finalists.  Over 40 players took part in the 19th year of this event with as usual many, many great games of darts played on the day thanks to all who took part and who helped out keeping this event going.

NOTE I am missing two results sheets so results are missing I hope to have them by next week.


Dermot McGuire 5 John McGinley 1

Semi Finals

Dermot McGuire 4 Jason Cunnea 0

John McGinley 4 John Gallagher 1

Quarter Finals

Dermot McGuire 4

Jason Cunnea

John McGinley 3 Kenneth Kennedy 1

John Gallagher 3 Donal Duddy 0

Third Round

John McGinley 3 Paul Boyle 0

Kenneth Kennedy 3 Stephen Muirhead 0

John Gallagher 3 Paul McNern 0

Donal Duddy 3 JP Byrne 1

Second Round

John McGinley 3 Kieran Gallagher 1 (120 Checkout John)

Paul Boyle 3 Damien Carr 2

Kenneth Kennedy 3 Andrew Gillespie 1

Stephen Muirhead 3 Conal O’Gara 1 (106 Checkout Conal)

John Gallagher 3 James Byrne 2

Paul McNern 3 Bartley Callaghan 0

Donal Duddy 3 Francis McBrearty 1

JP Byrne 3 Enda McGinley 0

First Round

Paul Boyle 3 Conor McNelis 0

Kenneth Kennedy 3 William Fuller 0 (160 Checkout Ken)

Andrew Gillespie 3 Andrew O’Gara 1

John Gallagher 3 Jamie McNern 0

James Byrne 3 Liam McShane 0

Donal Duddy 3 Ryan McNern 0

2013 Paddy Byrne Finalists John Con and Dermot with Michael Byrne

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