2006 Paddy Byrne

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John Con McGinley retained the 12th annual Paddy Byrne Perpetual Cup on December 10th defeating Glenhead team mate Ciaran Carr 4-1 in the final this was the third time John has won the cup Irwin Muirhead is the only other player with three wins. 64 players from the SW League area entered on the day with plenty of exciting matches in the three venues thanks to all who took part.


John McGinley 4 Ciaran Carr 1

Semi Finals

John McGinley 3 Roger McShane 1

Ciaran Carr 3 Irwin Muirhead 1

Quarter Finals

John McGinley 3 Gerard Gallagher 1

Ciaran Carr 3 Colm McNelis 2

Roger McShane 3 Kevin Squires 1

Irwin Muirhead 3 Andrew Gillespie 1

Board Finals

1. Roger McShane (Kilcar House) bt D Cunningham (McIntires)

2. John McGinley (Glenhead) bt Hugh Doherty (Bridge Bar)

3. Kevin Squires (Glenhead) bt James Byrne (Bridge Bar)

4. Andrew Gillespie (O’Donnells) James P Byrne (Roartys)

5. Irwin Muirhead (Fawltys) bt Gerry McBrearty (Fawltys)

6. Colm McNelis (Glenhead) bt Adrian Byrne (Bridge Bar)

7. Ciaran Carr (Glenhead) bt Frank McBrearty (O’Donnells)

8. Gerard Gallagher (Kilcar House) bt Philip Gallagher (Fawltys)


Runner Up Kieran Carr

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