John Harkin Darts

Roll Of Honor 

2016 Simon Collins 6 Gerard McGuire 1

(Shield Andrew Gillespie 6 Kieran Carr 4)

2014 Kenneth Kennedy 9 John McGinley 8

(Shield Donal Duddy 6 James Byrne 4)

2013 John McGinley 9 Antony Gallagher 7

(Shield John Murphy 6 Michael Naulty 5)

2012 John McGinley 8 Michael Naulty 4

(Shield Raymond Hegarty 6 Francis McShane 3)


From 2012:

I am pleased to announce that the player’s cup that is being held in the Bridge Bar, Carrick at the end of the month will now be known as the John Harkin Memorial Cup, thanks to the Harkin family for their kind sponsorship of this new competition it will be a fitting memorial to John who played in the league for many years.

The Late John Harkin


In this tournament the top 16 players are to be from the south west league area or playing for one of the teams in the league, I am running this myself to see how it works out and thought it would be a good way to reward the players who go to the local tournaments during the year.

I am currently trying to get funds raised for this via board sponsorship and a few other avenues if anyone wants to sponsor a board please let me know your advert will be put on the board along with any cards or leaflets you may have and if players are willing to pay a €10 each entry fee on the day that will help the prize fund.

The format will be 4 groups of 4 with the top two in each board progressing to the last eight, group winners will be seeded. Groups will be seeded ie player 1-4 will be in a group of their on then 5-8 and so on.

If a player who finished in the top 16 cant make it on the day please let me know and the next ranked player (17th) will be entered and so on…

The tournament will take place on Saturday 28 April and €500 in prize money, trophies for winners and runners up and highest checkout. The 16 qualifiers are as follows: John McGinley, John Gallagher, Andrew Gillespie, Mike Naulty, Michael Naulty, Rodney McBrearty, Raymond Hegarty, John McHugh, Hugh Doherty, Adrian Byrne, Kieran Carr, James Byrne, Philip Gallagher, Rodger McShane and Irwin Muirhead. Antony Gallagher, Michael Byrne and Dermot McGuire have pulled out so their places go to Rodger McShane, Francis McShane and Irwin Muirhead I need to know if any of the above can’t make it.



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