2023 Leo Molloy

Created: Monday, 13 March 2023 Published: Monday, 13 March 2023 Written by James Byrne
Shane McGuirk wins the 2023 Leo Molloy Title

2023 Leo Molloy winner Shane McGuirk with Aaron Molloy and Kenneth Kennedy

Monaghan’s Shane McGuirk is the 2023 Leo Molloy Champion following a 7-2 victory over Donegal county player and Irish international Adrian Butch Devine, this year’s final was played in John Joes Bar last Saturday (11th March). McGuirk who is a regular on the PDC challenge tour and the MODUS Super Series was in top form and is a worthy champion and picked up €1,000 and the Leo Molloy Cup where he joins a list of fabulous players to have won this prestigious event. Beaten semi-finalists were Alan Hegarty and 2019 champion Gerard McGlynn, Gerard had the highest checkout of 140 on the day. The defending champion Stephen Harron was defeated in the board semi final by Dean Tierney from Galway 4-3 where Dean finished 102 to win, that was just one of many great matches over the course of the event.

We had a massive 89 entries in this year’s event with the youngest player being 11 and oldest 74 and the standard was brilliant as it has been these past few years.

Thanks to John Joes Bar and Kilcar House and staff for their hospitably and for hosting the event, to the Molloy family for their sponsorship, Floyds Mace Dunkineely, Fusion Music Festival 2023, Dineen Aviation, Carrick Meats, Kilcar Cabs, tuna.ie and of course Heineken Ireland for their continued sponsorship. Thanks to Declan Gallagher for setting up for the live streaming, to Paul Hegarty for sound and music, to Owen Carr and Michael Curran for checking and marking the final. And finally, to all the players who attended and helped the event run smoothly by marking matches thank you for your support and making this the biggest darts event in the county.


Shane McGuirk 7-2 Adrian Devine

Semi Finals

Shane McGuirk 6-4 Gerard McGlynn

Adrian Devine 6-5 Alan Hegarty

Quarter Finals

Shane McGuirk 5-1 Joe Flood

Gerard McGlynn 5-0 Declan Rigby

Adrian Devine 5-3 Jordan Boyce

Alan Hegarty 5-4 Dean Tierney

Board Finals

Shane McGuirk 4-1 Clive Aitken

Joe Flood 4-2 John Byrne

Gerard McGlynn 4-1 Ciaran McGeady

Declan Rigby 4-0 Owen Carr

Adrian Devine 4-1 Derek Quinn

Jordan Boyce 4-3 Derek Gallagher

Alan Hegarty 4-2 Shaun Gallagher

Dean Tierney 4-2 Michael Curran

Last 32

Shane McGuirk 4-2 John Murray

Clive Aitken 4-3 Liam Gallagher (Galway)

Joe Flood 4-2 Johnny Clement

John Byrne 4-1 Mark Gracey

Gerard McGlynn 4-0 John Con McGinley (140 c/o Gerard)

Ciaran McGeady 4-1 Dean Gallagher

Declan Rigby 4-1 Des McGettigan

Owen Carr 4-1 Cartha Boyle

Adrian Devine 4-0 Jack Boyd

Derek Quinn 4-0 John McGuirk

Jordan Boyce 4-2 Colin Doherty

Derek Gallagher 4-1 Ryan Flood

Alan Hegarty 4-3 Andrew Gillespie

Shaun Gallagher 4-0 Anthony Whoriskey

Dean Tierney 4-3 Stephen Harron (102 c/o Dean)

Michael Curran 4-3 James Byrne 

Last 64

Shane McGuirk 4-1 Shaun McGlynn

John Murray 4-2 Hugh Doherty

Clive Aitken 4-0 Gary Doherty

Liam Gallagher (Galway) 4-0 Liam Melly (11 dart leg Liam)

Joe Flood 4-0 Aaron Molloy

Johnny Clement 4-0 Michael Molloy

John Byrne 4-0 Liam Donegan

Mark Gracey 4-2 David Harron

Gerard McGlynn 4-1 John Mulligan

John Con McGinley 4-2 Declan Quinn

Ciaran McGeady 4-1 Daniel McGrath

Dean Gallagher 4-3 Sean McGowan

Declan Rigby 4-1 Liam Gallagher (Ballyshannon)

Des McGettigan 4-1 Alan Laird

Owen Carr 4-0 Niall Cunningham

Cartha Boyle 4-0 Ciaran Kilgannon

Adrian Devine 4-0 Gerry Lyons

Jack Boyd 4-0 Edith Ward Tucker

Derek Quinn 4-2 Kenneth Kennedy

John McGuirk 4-0 Eoin McIntire

Jordan Boyce 4-1 Ryan Foley

Colin Doherty 4-1 John Holden

Derek Gallagher 4-0 David Fuller

Ryan Flood 4-0 Kevin Lyons

Alan Hegarty 4-2 Conor McKiverigan

Andrew Gillespie 4-0 Dermot Ward

Shaun Gallagher 4-1 Declan Cunningham

Anthony Whoriskey 4-1 Danny McDaid

Dean Tierney 4-0 Darragh McGinley

Stephen Harron 4-0 Eamonn Flood

Michael Curran 4-0 Gerard McLaughlin

James Byrne 4-0 Gary Molloy

Preliminary Round

Dean Tierney 4-0 Paddy Boyce

Eamonn Flood 4-1 Dermot Keane

Michael Curran 4-0 Rose Forde

Johnny Clement 4-2 James Weir

John Byrne 4-1 Sean Wilson

Mark Gracey 4-0 Sharon Cunningham

Adrian Devine 4-0 Michael Coll

Jack Boyd 4-0 Lorcan McGinley

Kenneth Kennedy 4-2 Martin McGinley

John Murray 4-0 Caomhin Bradshaw

Gary Doherty 4-1 Patrick McShane

Liam Gallagher (Galway) 4-0 John McHugh

Andrew Gillespie 4-0 Denis McDermott

Shaun Gallagher 4-1 Phil McGeehan

Anthony Whoriskey 4-1 Irwin Muirhead

Alan Hegarty 4-1 Brion Domican

Ryan Foley 4-0 Wilfie Milsop

Derek Gallagher 4-3 Gareth Moody

Ryan Flood 4-0 Michael O’Donnell

Declan Rigby 4-1 Conal Doherty

Alan Laird 4-3 Matthew Cunningham

Owen Carr 4-0 Barry McShane

John Con McGinley 4-1 Michael Nulty

Ciaran McGeady 4-0 Roma Byrne

Dean Gallagher 4-0 Conor McNelis


2023 Leo Molloy runner up Adrian Devine with Aaron Molloy and Kenneth Kennedy

2023 Leo Molloy semi finalists Gerard McGlynn and Alan Hegarty with Aaron Molloy

2023 Leo Molloy quarter finalists Declan Rigby, Joe Flood and Jordan Boyce (missing Dean Tierney)

2023 Leo Molloy board runners up Ciaran McGeady, Derek Gallagher, Shaun Gallagher, Owen Carr, Michael Curran and John Byrne

(missing Clive Aitkin and Derek Quinn)

The Leo Molloy takes place on March 11 and with the biggest prize fund yet, this year we have €2,500 in prizes with the winner guaranteed €1000!
Since 2000 we have seen some of the biggest names in darts travel to Kilcar to play in the this tournament in memory of Leo, he was well loved and respected in the world of darts and was heavily involved in the South West area with reforming the league in the early 1990s and helping to run tournaments including the famous Norman Blaine Competition in The Glenbay which was one of the biggest in Ireland at the time in the late 80s early 90s and he was the first manager to manage the Donegal darts team to an All-Ireland title in 1998 but he was sadly taken at a young age in 1999 so this tournament is a fitting tribute to him.
We are now taking entry's and all names to be in before 3pm on the day.
Previous Men’s finals:
2022 Stephen Harron 6 Charlie Grant 4
2020 Sean McGowan 6 Gerard McGlynn 2
2019 Gerard McGlynn 6 Denise Cassidy 3
2018 Phil McGeehan 6 Declan Cunningham 3
2017 Michael Leech 6 Stephen Harron 3
2016 John Gallagher 6 Liam Gallagher 4
2015 Liam Gallagher 6 Antony Mularkey 1
2014 Charlie Grant 6 Amir Quiambao 1
2013 Campbell Jackson 6 Charlie Grant 1
2012 John Gallagher 5 John Con McGinley 2
2010 JJ Dolan 5 James Deery 2
2009 Brendan Dolan 5 John Con McGinley 2
2008 Brendan Dolan 5 John Con McGinley 2
2007 Gerald Harvey 5 Danny McDaid 0
2006 John Con McGinley 5 Brendan Dolan 4
2005 Martin McCloskey 5 Amir Quiambao 1
2004 Brendan Dolan 5 Declan Cunningham 2
2003 Brendan Dolan 5 Sean McGowan 2
2002 Sean McGowan 5 Martin McCloskey 3
2001 Martin McCloskey 5 Anthony Whoriskey 0
2000 Martin McCloskey 5 Gerald Harvey 0
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