Week Thirteen 2011/12

Created: Wednesday, 08 February 2012 Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 August 2014 Written by James Byrne


Big Francies B 0-9 Glenhead (walkover)

Bridge Bar 1-8 Roartys

Cope House 0-9 O’Donnell’s (walkover)


Friday 24th February

2012 Knockout Cup Semi Finals

Glenhead v Cope House (in Big Francies)

Big Francies v Roartys (in O’Donnell’s)

2012 Benny Gillespie

The 2012 Benny Gillespie darts tournament will be held in the Glenhead Tavern Cashel this Saturday 18th at 7pm SHARP names to be in for 6pm any player not at venue when match to be played will be eliminated.

€10 entry contact Dermot at 087-7794463 or Damien 087-7718893

Previous finals:

2009 Dermot McGuire 6 Philip Gallagher 3

2008 Mike Naulty 5 John McGinley 3

2006 Declan Cunningham 5 Andrew Gillespie 0

2005 John Con McGinley 5 Adrian Byrne 1

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