2017 Paddy Byrne

Created: Wednesday, 10 January 2018

New name on Paddy Byrne as Gillespie takes the title

We have yet another new name on the prestigious Paddy Byrne Perpetual Cup which was held in Cashel in early December following Andrew Gillespie’s 6-3 win over 2011 champion Kieran Carr in a great final where both players entertained the big attendance in John Eoinins, Andrew who was runner up last year defeated three time winner Dermot McGuire in the semi-final 4-1 hitting 136 to seal the victory while Kieran beat 2009 runner up Jason Cunnea 4-2 in his semi-final. Over 50 players entered on the day and this was the fourteenth different winner of this event in its 21 year history. Defending champion Kieran Gallagher was beat 3-1 in the first round by James Byrne, while 2003 champion Declan Cunningham was defeated 3-2 by Dermot McGuire in a brilliant match while in a match where there was eight titles between them John Con McGinley beat Irwin Muirhead 3-1. In the third round 2014 champion John Menchia crashed out to 4-1 to John McHugh while two past winners from the early days on the competition met with James P Byrne defeating Seamus Curran 4-3. In the quarter finals Kieran Carr beat John Con 4-0, Andrew beat JP Byrne 4-2, Dermot beat John McHugh 4-0 and Jason beat Hugh Doherty 4-1, best Youth Player of the day Dylan Curran and best Lady Player of the day Amy Cunningham. Thanks to all who entered, who helped in any way, to the markers and checkers, Roartys and John Eoinins and anyone else who helped in any way thanks for all the help.


Andrew Gillespie 6 Kieran Carr 3

Semi Finals

Andrew Gillespie 4 Dermot McGuire 1 (136 c/o Andrew)

Kieran Carr 4 Jason Cunnea 2

Quarter Finals

Andrew Gillespie 4 JP Byrne 2

Dermot McGuire 4 John McHugh 0

Kieran Carr 4 John Con McGinley 0

Jason Cunnea 4 Hugh Doherty 1

Third Round

Andrew Gillespie 4 Dylan Curran 0

JP Byrne 4 Seamus Curran 3

Dermot McGuire 4 Michael Curran 2

John McHugh 4 John Menchia 1

Kieran Carr 4 Norman Fuller 0

John Con McGinley 4 James Byrne 2

Jason Cunnea 4 Gerry McNern 2

Hugh Doherty 4 Steven Muirhead 0

Second Round

Andrew Gillespie 3 Paddy Haughey 0

Dermot McGuire 3 Antony Gallagher 1

Michael Curran 3 Conor O’Donohue 0

John Menchia 3 Aidan McGinley 1

Kieran Carr 3 Aidan Gillespie 0

Norman Fuller 3 Colin Doherty 0

John Con McGinley 3 David Gallagher 0

James Byrne 3 Amy Cunningham 0

Jason Cunnea 3 Owen Carr 2

First Round

Andrew Gillespie 3 Enda McGinley 0

Paddy Haughey 3 Liam Donegan 2

Dermot McGuire 3 Declan Cunningham 2

Antony Gallagher 3 Dessie McNern 0

Michael Curran 3 Oisin Byrne 0

Conor O’Donohue 3 David Gillespie 0

John Menchia 3 Colin McNelis 0

Aidan McGinley 3 John Kelly 0

Dylan Curran 3 John Byrne 1

Kieran Carr 3 Keven Squires 1

Aidan Gillespie w/o Adrian Byrne

Seamus Curran 3 Sharon Cunningham 2

Norman Fuller 3 Seanie Boyle 2

Colin Doherty 3 Edward Cunnea 0

John Con McGinley 3 Irwin Muirhead 1

David Gallagher 3 Colm McGlinchey 2

James Byrne 3 Kieran Gallagher 1

John McHugh 3 Phelim McGill 0

Hugh Doherty 3 Jamie McNern 0

Amy Cunningham 3 Patrick Byrne 0

Steven Muirhead w/o Gabriel Boyle

Jason Cunnea 3 Ronan Gillespie 1

Owen Carr 3 Michael Byrne 0

JP Byrne 3 David Fuller 0

Gerry McNern 3 Ryan McBrearty 2

2017 Runner up Kieran Carr with Patrick Byrne

2017 Semi Finalist Jason Cunnea

2017 Semi Finalist Dermot McGuire

2017 Quartet Finals John Con McGinley

2017 Quarter Finals John McHugh

2017 Quarter Finals JP Byrne

2017 Best Lady Player Amy Cunningham

2017 Best Youth Dylan Curran

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