2009/10 Season

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2009/10 stats

League Champions: Cope House

Runners Up: McIntires

Shield Winners: McIntires

Runners Up: Cope House

Cup Winners: McIntires

Runner Up: Bridge Bar

B Cup Winners: Bridge Bar

Runners Up: Glenhead

Player of the Year: Mike Naulty

Highest Check out: 151 Rodney McBrearty

Least number of darts leg:14 Mike Naulty/Richie Cunningham

Most 180’s: 4 John McGinley/Raymond Hegarty

2009/10 Highest checkouts (100 plus)

151 Rodney McBrearty (Cope House)

143 James Byrne (Bridge Bar)

130 Irwin Muirhead (Cope House)

128 Raymond Hegarty (Bridge Bar)

126 John Gallagher (O’Donnell’s)

123 Raymond Hegarty (Bridge Bar)

122 John Damien Gallagher (Cope House)

121 James P Byrne (Roartys), John Damien Gallagher (Cope House)

120 Raymond Hegarty (Bridge Bar)

119 Dermot McGuire (Glenhead)

117 Dermot McGuire (Glenhead)

110 James Boyle (O’Donnell’s), Hugh Doherty (Bridge Bar), Emmett Quigley (McIntires)

108 Declan Cunningham (McIntires)

107 Kieran Carr (Roartys)

104 Irwin Muirhead (Cope House)

101 Emmett Quigley (McIntires)

100 Brendan White (McIntires)

2009/10 180’s (counted in the 12 League games only)

4 Raymond Hegarty (Bridge Bar), John McGinley (Roartys)

3 Rodney McBrearty (Cope House)

2 Kieran Carr (Roartys), John Damien Gallagher (Cope House), David Enright (The Rusty), Richie Cunningham (McIntires), Hugh Doherty (Bridge Bar)

1 Irwin Muirhead (Cope House), Norman Fuller (Roartys), James Byrne (Bridge Bar), Stephen Muirhead (Cope House), Colm McNelis (Glenhead), Joe McGowan (McIntires), Kevin Squires (Bridge Bar), John Gallagher (O’Donnell’s), Dermot Gillespie (The Rusty), Philip Gallagher (The Cope), Shaun Gallagher (O’Donnell’s), James McGinley (Glenhead), Andrew Gillespie (O’Donnell’s), Anthony Gallagher (Roartys)

35 180’s in total

Bridge Bar 8

Cope House 8

Roartys 8

McIntires 3

O’Donnell’s 3

The Rusty 3

Glenhead 2


Player of the year: Mike Naulty (McIntires)

League winners: Cope House Runners up: McIntires

Semis: Roartys & The Rusty

Shield: McIntires Runners up: Cope House

Knockout cup: McIntires Runners up: Bridge Bar

B Cup: Bridge Bar Runners up: Glenhead

League Doubles: M. Naulty/S. Meehan Runners up: P. Gallagher/C. McNelis

Bennie Gillespie: Dermot McGuire Runner up: Philip Gallagher

Paddy Byrne: Dermot McGuire Runner up: Jason Cunnea

Con Sean: John Flood Runner up: John Damien Gallagher

Pat Rawdon: Declan Cunningham Runner up: Philip Gallagher

Bridge Bar Cup: Mike Naulty Runner up: John McGinley


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