2008 B Cup Final

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John Joe’s 5-2 O’Donnell’s

John Joe’s won the B cup for the second time in three years following a 5-2 win over holders O’Donnell’s in McIntires, O’Donnell’s were missing Andrew Gillespie so it was going to be a tough task to retain the cup in the doubles John Joe’s went 2-0 up with wins for Martin McGinley/Damien O’Donnell and Gareth O’Donnell/Barry Doherty over Jamesie Boyle/Gary Kennedy and Josie Gillespie/Mickey Brown, O’Donnell’s won the third doubles John Gallagher/Manus O’Donnell beat Scott McBrearty/Gerard McBrearty.

In the singles John Gallagher tied the match at 2-2 beating Martin McGinley John Joe’s won the next three singles to win the cup with wins for Scott McBrearty over Josie Gillespie, Barry Doherty beat Enda McGinley and Gareth O’Donnell won against Mickey Brown.


M. McGinley/D. O’Donnell 2-1 J. Boyle/G. Kennedy

G. O’Donnell/B. Doherty 2-0 J. Gillespie/M. Brown

S. McBrearty/G. McBrearty 1-2 J. Gallagher/M. O’Donnell

Martin McGinley 0-2 John Gallagher

Scott McBrearty 2-1 Josie Gillespie

Barry Doherty 2-1 Enda McGinley

Gareth O’Donnell 2-0 Mickey Brown

Gerard McBrearty v Jamesie Boyle

Damien O’Donnell v Garry Kennedy

B Cup Semi Finals

O’Donnell’s 5-1 The Rusty in Biddy’s

Biddy’s A v John Joe’s (walkover to John Joe’s)

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